We, at Inspirationart & Scripture, have spent hours upon hours over the years, taking lots of time to develop and redevelop posters until we think we have it just right. Sometimes they sell, like Names of Christ (over 1 1/2 million) and sometimes they don’t, like Jacob’s ladder(2). We work hard at tying the scripture to the graphic, making sure they compliment each other or reinforce the message. Sometimes the graphic is so strong that little scripture is needed and sometimes the scripture is so powerful that little or no graphic is needed.But, every once in a while, in a strange place, someone else is creative enough and courageous enough to do their own thing and write something on the wall, or on a mirror in a restroom, or on the side of a building or in this case in a laundromat. A friend of mine spotted this writing, posted in a local laundromat. Wish I could give the person, who posted it, credit but doubt that I can track them down without living in the laundromat. I believe what they wrote speaks volumes about love and God.Credit goes to the person who penned it and posted it probably while doing their laundry. I thank them for the post.

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