I love words. Always have. Starting from the time I learned how to spell. Some of my favorites are: Oxymoron, curmudgeon,  serendipitous, ferity, and even more confusing words like: their, there, and they”re,  just to name a few.  I do have some  I would like to eliminate from not only from my vocabulary but totally out of my mind. Here is a list of the ones I wish I could get rid of, forever! I’ve put them in groups, for no good reason, A, B, C, and D, and in no particular order, again for no good reason.

Group A: Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Diabetes, Stroke. Wish I would never have to utter any of these again.

Group B: Homelessness, Poverty, Single Mom, Terrorists, Crack Babies, Bullies, Harassment, Rude, Divisive, Liar. Maybe some newscasters could help me get rid of these words by not repeating them so many times a day.

Group C: PTSD, ICBM, RA, AR15, AK47 Maybe manufacturers could help by not producing the last two. Ya think?

Group D: Far Left, Far Right, Divided, Hate. I would be more comfortable with even center right or center left if we couldn’t eliminate them all together.

Take Group A. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just eliminate the word Cancer from our vocabulary? In order to do that we would have to find a cure for all cancers. That’s not a bad goal! Maybe eliminating poverty would be easier, sure would be good if I never had to hear or use that word again. Doesn’t seem too difficult to dispense with the word AR15. Just stop making them would be a great start. Or how about Divided, with this exception we could use it only in math problems.

How about as we eliminate a word or two from each group we add some powerful words and use them more often than we currently do. Words like, love, joy, peace, inspiring, kindness, family, togetherness, compromise, openness, God, Jesus, friendship, caring, understanding, patience, trust, and best of all Romance. Saw that early this morning. True love looked like to me it still exists. Even across the pond.

Well I doubt that just stop using these words will be enough, it’s going to take some action and that starts with us. Pick a couple and let me know your thoughts. How about Cancer and Homelessness for starters. It’s budget time in DC, isn’t it always budget time, it is at our house, maybe we could eliminate some billions in waste and eradicate Cancer and Homelessness.