I don’t know about you but the turmoil in this country is eating at my insides, not like diet Dr. Pepper does, sorry Dr. Pepper, but like acid reflux does. Maybe it’s just my emotional side that’s doing it. I admit that I am emotional, I cry at girly flicks, tears flow at the singing of the national anthem, and interviews at the end of Undercover Boss show is almost too much to handle. At 59 minutes after the last hour on a Hallmark movie channel the couple always kiss and I well up in my eyes.The divisive news is just overboard for me at the moment. Feeling like I should do something but don’t know what to do. It’s like I want to get the two sides to sit down with me and work on listening to each other. Black and White, and leave out all the gray areas for starters. But really not about black and white issues but about love and forgiving, trying to find the common ground to agree upon.

Two nights ago I listened to the singing group Forte Tenors, when they were on America’s got talent a few years ago and when they sang “Somewhere” from West Side Story the words just got to me. They seem to fit the black and white issues of today. I know it’s a love song but isn’t love what God has been trying to teach us for centuries? The lyrics “There’s a time for us, time to learn, time to care, we’ll find a new way of living, we’ll find a way of forgiving, don’t those words ring with truth for us?” You can watch Forte on America Has Talent.

Some of the lyrics are: There is a place for us……Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore?????  A time together, a time to learn, a time to care.….are the two of you listening, listening to yourself and to the other person????  We’ll find a new way of living….as one Korea????? We’ll find a new way of forgiving……for all the lives lost in the Korean War????

I pray that our President and Kim Jong Un, find the path that leads to peace, grace, forgiveness, and a new way of living in harmony.

Hold my hand and we’re halfway there” sounds to me like a great place to start.

SOMEHOW, SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE maybe starts this week? I pray that it does. Join me?