About Us

InspirationArt & Scripture, Inc. came into being when a team felt led by the Lord to find a powerful, effective way to personally minister to young people. They had noted the proliferation in the marketplace of rock music-related items, such as t-shirts, hats, jumbo posters, etc. While these types of items appealed strongly to teens, the messages which these items presented was most often negative and worldly. Turning then to the Christian marketplace, the team realized that there seemed to be a lack of items geared toward Christian youth. Posters in the Christian market seemed to lack the edge, the pure power of God’s Word, and the contemporary graphics necessary to get youths’ attention.

It was these observations which led the team to develop and produce a line of posters relating strong, Christ-centered messages designed to reach youths where they’re at. Using the life and work experience which God had blessed them with they began a company called InspirationArt & Scripture, Inc.

Their mission was to produce a product which would serve to affirm and strengthen the personal faith of our youth, who are bombarded from every side by a society trying to tear it down. Young people today want bold images and strong messages that will proclaim their faith in Jesus, witness to friends and family, and remind them of the truth and power of God’s Word in their own lives.

The mission is rapidly becoming a success. InspirationArt & Scripture publishes over 100 sku’s ¬†of Christian Posters and distributes to a dozen countries on 5 continents and includes additional framed art and statue products.