Art Guidelines

Art submissions are welcome.
Please e-mail compressed digital files to with “Art Submission” as the subject or send to InspirationArt & Scripture P.O. Box 2525 Cedar Rapids, IA 52406


Our mission is to create and produce Jumbo Christian posters that speak to teens and young adults–as well as a variety of ages. Our work is inspired by God, contains scripture, glorifies the Lord, and seeks to minister to all. Praise God!

Type of Work

All art mediums will be considered. The theme should be appropriate for a Christian poster. Please reference any scripture that may have inspired each submission.


A reproduction of the art must be sent to determine suitability of work. A transparency (e.g., slide), print (e.g., snapshot or color photocopy will be sufficient). Do not send original work. Submit art that has not been published and that is available for purchase of copyright. Remember to label each submission in case art is separated from envelope during review. Do not send irreplaceable items, as we are not responsible for any damages that may occur to your submission.

Art Notes

It is not necessary, but helpful, to indicate the following information for each piece of art: 1) size of original; 2) medium (e.g., oil. watercolor, etc.); 3) who owns the right to the art; and 4) scriptural reference. Also indicate if Artist is under current contract.

Art Fees and Rights

Exclusive rights for specific purposes (e.g.; posters), but not the original work, are purchased for a flat fee, unless otherwise arranged.


A SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) needs to be enclosed with your submission. Include the proper amount of postage for return. Include register return receipt form and postage if that is how you wish to have your submission returned. Because of the number of submissions we receive daily, ART SUBMISSIONS WITHOUT A SASE WILL NOT BE RETURNED.


Carefully pad the package. Mark “PLEASE DO NOT BEND” on the outside of the package.

Art Acknowledgement

An art acknowledgement of receipt will be sent to the Artist on the day that the submission is received.

Art Reviews

Results of reviews will be given in writing 3-4 months after receipt of artwork. Art is purchased two times a year.

“On File” Submissions

Occasionally, we receive art submissions that we like but are unable to fit into our product line. In this case, we notify the Artist and ask permission to keep submissions on file for one year. Art is reviewed twice a year and the Artist is informed of the status at each review. If we ask to keep your work on file, it does not guarantee that we will purchase the work, only that we are interested in reviewing the work again at a later date. All “on file” submissions will be returned.