Mirror Mirror on the wall

An internet friend, actually a friend of a friend, posted a picture of a mirror that they had recently purchased then posted it on their wall and they loved it. Instantly I thought of the line “mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” I then turned to the thought how many times do we really look into the mirror and take a deep long look at who we really are? I went to the mirror to see….that didn’t help much, so I sat down with paper and pencil and outlined the following…..trying to answer the question, who am I?

I am a Christian, a saved Christian, a Believer, a committed Christian, a Born Again Christian, some of you will say “oh no” to that comment, and any other label you would like to tag me with.  But I am comfortable with that moniker, and have been for 42 years, but still a sinner. Yes I said the sinners prayer watching Pat Robinson on the 700 club August 22, 1982. Since that time I might add I don’t believe that just saying the sinners prayer, which by the way you can’t find in the Bible, doesn’t make you a Born Again Christian as Jesus  explained to Nicodemus, anymore than going to church every Sunday makes you a Christian, or sitting behind the wheel of an automobile makes you a good driver.

I am a Husband, Father, Step Father, and Step grandfather, and love all that those names encompass, each one of those handles brings out the best and the worst in me.

I am a Conservative, half of you will say, “oh no” again, the other half will say “so am I brother.” I wasn’t always so conservative but got smarter along the way. I’ve done lots of soul searching about being conservative in recent years and just can’t bring myself to become liberal for some reason(s).

I am a Republican, I don’t always vote straight ticket, and I do remember voting for John Culver when he ran for the House of Representatives and for the Senate, but not sure if I ever voted democrat again, probably wouldn’t admit it if I did remember. Here comes another “oh no,” I did vote for Trump. I figured it was about time we got someone in the oval office who knew a lot about business.  I might add that I don’t like many of things he says or does, but I’ll not attack him, because he and I have never met, and even if we had of met, the good Book tells me not to judge. I do wish he would study the Bible more, he could start with Proverbs, like Proverbs 11:9, and if he would like me to share those passages with him that I think would be beneficial to him, he can call me anytime and I’ll explain it to him.

I am a Methodist, and have been in the same church for almost a century, well not really, but more than a half century, and closer to a full century than a half century.  Tough times in the Methodist church are upon us, the next year will see if the Methodist church can stay unified or split. Either way, it will be hard on individuals belonging to a Methodist church. I’ve hear some folks say if the vote goes one way they will leave and others say if it doesn’t go that way they will leave. Sounds like no winners here. God’s in charge so we will see.

I am a teacher of the Word, Sunday school class, men’s bible study, two of them, and once in a while teach the Word of God to anyone who will listen, by the way do you know that listen and silent have exactly the same letters of the alphabet? Interesting!  Scott Peck said “You cannot truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.”  I believe that prayer is based on the remote possibility that someone is listening, isn’t that true right now?  Some one once said when you are good at listening you have no idea when to speak or what to say.  Enough said.

I am a perfectionist, my daughter once called me a fanatic, cause I line up my socks in my sock drawer by color and then by when they were last worn. Being a perfectionist is not a complement but a challenge for me. Raised in the printing business I look unconsciously for typos or misspellings, or one word widows on websites. The little things have bothered me in the past but as I get closer to that century mark I get worse and even more critical. My dad was the quintessential perfectionist who taught me at age 4 by saying “if you’re going to do it, do it right or leave it for someone else, who can do it right.” Think that didn’t have an effect on me?

I am an amateur writer, I bet  you have discovered that by now. I love to write just wish I was better, so I  am taking a memoir writing class and Ann, our leader, guide, teacher and cheerleader is helping with the writing skills we do have. Not polishing them in my case but grinding off the rough edges.

Addiction, yes I have one, I love listening to Preachers from around the world, good ones, yeah and some not so good ones. I’ve listened to thousands and I mean thousands, they help me know Christ, human nature, and  to know myself  better, my mirror of sorts.

I consider myself a Bible student, I love reading the bible, and have been seriously reading it for 42 years. Each time I read the scripture that I have read many times before, I learn something new. It is an amazing book indeed. Repetition is a virtue.

My church  embarked on reading the Bible cover to cover, 12 hrs a day until it was done, and if you ever have the opportunity to partake in that kind of  endeavor , do it, you will not regret it.  Remember when you were a kid and one or both of your parents read books to you as you pointed to the animals, people, or colors in the book as you followed along? Listening to someone else reading the Bible out loud can be just as rewarding.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…….now I see more deeply…….and I am not the fairest of them all.

Growing up in the printing business I was taught not to proof read your own work as you will never catch the errors……so I don’t and I didn’t!!!!