Several years ago the group, Brooks and Dunn, had a popular song called “I Believe” sometimes just called “Believe”. Over the last few years I have played their video over and over until it touches me so much that I have to shut it off. A couple of  lines that get to me are “I raise my hand, bow my head, finding more and more truth the words written in red.” I guess that is where I am at today. The second most powerful line in that song to me is “You can’t tell me it all ends in a slow ride in a hearse.” You can watch the video here.  “Believe”

I am convinced that the purpose is life is really simple. God wants a personal relationship with each of us. It’s not about cars, money, power, prestige, family or even children. It’s about Him. God wants a relationship with each of us, intimate, fulfilling and personal. Actually the bible is such a simple story I find it hard not to believe, but find it hard to live. God created everything, then trusted us to obey a simple rule or two, we didn’t, so he came as a man to show us the way, we crucified Jesus but He rose from the dead, was seen by the disciples and over 500 people, yet we still have a hard time doing the simple things Jesus asked of us, to love God and your neighbor, and go into the world and make disciples. Easy to say yet so hard to do.

Over the past few months I have been trying to figure out just how to develop that relationship. Through prayer? Maybe. Through studying the bible? Maybe. Listening to good gospel preaching. Maybe. Six months ago I suggested to a friend of mine if she really wanted to know Christ she should get a red letter bible and just read the red letter part. At the time I had no idea why I told her that.

A few days later  I stumbled on a book on the internet entitled “The Greatest Words Ever Spoken”, by  Steven K. Scott  it was, you know,  one of those coincidences! It is a book containing everything Jesus said, you know those Red Letters.

Got the book and I am totally engrossed in it. I loved the forward so much I had trouble not sharing it with everyone I came in contact with.

It make so much sense, if you want to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ then read what He had to say. The disciples did. They were right there listening to Him, so why shouldn’t we do the same? I am going to do that and if you want to tag along I would love it. Daily I will post the things Jesus had to say and offer some opinion and allow you to offer yours too. Here is a teaser, Jesus made 170 claims that are recorded in the Bible. We will talk about all of them, one at a time.