It’s been said that if you want to know where your children’s heads are at just look at the posters that are on their walls. Scary thought!  I’ve seen some pretty provocative posters out there. As a parent why not have an influence on your children, and on their friends, by putting up Scripture based posters on the wall?

If a picture is worth a thousand words then what’s the value of a great picture with scripture? If kids want to admire someone by putting their picture on the wall why not have it be a picture of Jesus with Scripture attached to it?

At InspirationArt we try hard not to just produce posters but to produce thought provoking posters that deliver a message with an impact.  Hours go into the design, scripture selection, and the graphic look of each poster.

When people tell us that “Your poster hanging over my son’s bed while he was in the hospital, gave me strength to be with him each day even as he was in a coma”, our posters are a ministry by themselves. We’ve heard from hundreds of people around the world telling us of the effect the poster has had on them.

With well over a million posters of the Names of Christ hanging on walls all over the world, we are convinced that God’s Word on the wall has a major impact in the lives of people literally everywhere.

Our goal is to have people look at the poster they purchase and say “I didn’t know the Bible said that, I wonder what else it says?” We feel honored when they say how powerful the poster has been in their lives.

We are called to share God’s love, His word, and His Son with everyone we come into contact with, why not start with a poster on your wall? Take a look at each of our posters and decide for yourself if there is a poster that can minister to you or your family.