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It is hard to believe that we have been here 20 years.  It’s also hard to believe that we have sold nearly 1.5 million Names of Christ Christian posters.

I wish I could say that we intentionally designed a poster that would be so powerful and so successful that it would sell over a million copies. However we weren’t that smart.

The complete list of the Names of Christ

Our goal was to design a poster that would glorify Christ and what better way to do that than to make a complete list of the Names of Christ.

Names of Christ Narrow

Names of Christ – Narrow Version.

We also wanted the recipient of the poster to be able to find in the Bible where the name came from, just how it was used and to understand the context in which it was used. That’s the reason for the Bible references below each name.

We also wanted it to look like an ancient scroll and in order to accomplish that, we took a piece of parchment paper and literally burned the edges on all four sides and then laid that paper on sand and photographed it from there.

While we thought about putting the names in alphabetical order it just wasn’t graphical possible to do it that way.

It’s also interesting that while we didn’t place the names in alphabetical order it worked out that the name “Advocate” starts the listings out and we ended with the strong and powerful “The Way, the Truth, and the Life” at the end.

Often I have gone back to the poster and looked at a name and it causes me to grab a Bible and look it up again. Each time I do that I am taken back by the power of the name and the context of the scripture.

The “Names of Christ” poster is really a teaching tool, a daily devotion, a prayer, and a piece of art all rolled into one.

Names of Christ appearing in Church, homes & dorm rooms

I have seen the “Names of Christ” poster nearly everywhere, from dorm rooms to church entryways to pastors’ offices. Many times it is framed and hung in an entry way of homes. An Ice Cream shop even has one hanging on the back of the bathroom door! Read about the inspirational story and how powerful this message is.

This poster has become a ministry of its’ own. It’s a case of powerful scripture and excellent design which has the emotional tie to all Christians.