First of all let me say that I am not a cat lover, and it’s not because I am allergic to them. I am just not a friend of the cat. It’s OK if my friends have a cat and when I visit them I am nice to the cat but I think the cat knows my feelings so they stay away. Most of the time!

I am a dog guy. Love ’em. Especially Boxers. I think “Special” in the picture below is number 15. But I cheated, with a liter of 6 at one time. Boxers are the friendliest dogs, they love kids and kids love them. Family members have used them as pillows laying in front of the TV on the floor. They don’t mind. Invariably they just fall asleep, both the kids and the dog.

So the neighbor has a cat who comes to visit, not me but my dog. “Special” likes the cat. Not me. So here’s where the “love thy neighbor comes in.” It’s OK if I go visit a friend with a cat but to have the neighbors’ cat come visiting is a different story. She wasn’t invited. Unless of course “Special” invited her. And maybe it’s not the cats’ fault but the neighbor’s lack of cat training that’s the problem. Every time I see this picture attached I think, not about the cat, but about the neighbor. She probably doesn’t read my blog so I think I am on safe ground here. Why doesn’t she keep the cat at home? Doesn’t she know that I am allergic to cats?

I know I am suppose to love my neighbor cause the Bible tells me so. I fact there are 36 Bible Verses about loving your neighbor. Jesus even says in Mark 12:31 that loving your neighbor is second only to loving God with all your soul, mind and heart. BUT it also says in Leviticus 19:18 that “you shall reason frankly with your neighbor…” So “keep your cat at home” is that frank enough?

I like my neighbor, “Special” likes her cat. So we’re at a stalemate.  Romans 13:10 tells us that “Love does no wrong to a neighbor,” So there it is I am just going to have to learn to love cats!