One of the names of Christ on our poster, And He shall be called, is the name “Author and the Finisher of our faith”, which comes from Hebrews 12:2 KJV and makes me think about my own faith and how I came to know Christ. It’s a long story but the short version is I accepted Christ watching Pat Robertson on the 700 club one hot August afternoon many years ago. I call that the beginning of a wonderful journey, with ups and downs along the way. But the more important way I came to know Christ is the time I have spent studying the Bible, both the old and new testament. Reading the Bible and deep study of the Word of God not only brings us closer to God but deepens our understanding of who Christ was and is in our lives. A friend of mine the other day said she admired me for my deep faith and love of Christ but then add that she thought I was pretty stubborn and very direct. To which I plead guilty. I reminded her that I had a good teacher in the stubborn/direct department. I suggested that she pick up a red-letter Bible and read nothing except the red letters, the words of Jesus Christ and then tell me if she thought Jesus was stubborn or not. Jesus says in John 14:6 “I am the way, and the truth, and the life: no one comes to the Father but through me” (emphasis mine). Sounds pretty stubborn and very direct to me. Try reading just Jesus’ words sometime, it will help you to know Christ.

Several years ago I heard Dr. George LaMore, Professor Emeritus, Religion and Philosophy, 43 years at Iowa Wesleyan College, preach a sermon in which he talked about learning to love God. Dr. LaMore said it was difficult for him to get his arms around the thought of loving God. He questioned us by saying “how do you get your arms around the idea of loving the creator of the universe?”  The universe is so vast and the thought of loving the Creator of the universe is almost impossible to comprehend. I agree!  But Dr. LaMore had a solution. He said, “I am learning to love what God loves.” That works for me. I am learning to love what God loves. Which is everything and everyone. It just seems easier one step at a time.

Now comes the real test following learning to know Christ, learning how to love what God loves and then acting like it. Even the disciples had a hard time acting like it. We are all a work in progress, for sure I am.