This Sunday is another big attendance day for churches around the world. Those Christians that attend only on Christmas and Easter are affectionately called C & E’s. They make it to church twice a year. Better twice than never I guess.

A friend of mine years many ago suggested that my church buy some billboard space  around town that just showed the church steeple, which is very recognizable, along with the church logo, and just these words, “How would you feel if your kids came to visit only twice a year?”  I suggested it a church meeting once and of course you know how the vote went. Church committees have a tendency to vote unanimously for everything.” Let’s all get behind this folks attitude.” Well this was one of those times it was NOT unanimous, I voted yes, but it was the only yes vote. So much for that idea.

But seriously why come to church just twice a year? You miss the whole point of worship. I am still waiting to hear a pastor say this Sunday at the end of the service, “Ya all come back again now, we’ll be here waiting for ya next Sunday!” It will never happen. Biggest crowd of the year and pastors will miss an opportunity of the year. It really is super bowl Sunday for churches. No million dollar commercials but millions of opportunities to bring people to Christ.

Worship services are taking  place all week long  this Holy week. I attended a worship service last night, Maundy Thursday, and it was very well done and surprisingly well attended. As we were leaving I heard someone as his wife “why is it called Maunday Thursday?’.  Maundy comes from the Latin word maunde or mandatum  which means commandment. On that night Jesus gave a new commandment to his disciples to remember him each time they ate the bread and drank the wine. It was the Last Supper Jesus had with his disciples. It’s the basis for the beginning of communion for all Christians.

Tonight we will commemorate the suffering and crucifixion of our Lord, Jesus Christ at a Good Friday worship service. Why is it called Good? It’s really unclear as to why. Two theories, first because Christ showed His great love for man dying on the cross for our sins, and second maybe it’s from Gottes Freitag meaning God’s Friday. It’s just a guess we don’t know for sure. But obviously it is a Good Friday knowing that Christ died that we might have eternal life.

Enjoy the weekend and Easter. See you in church.