Seems like the answer to that question is really obvious.  It wouldn’t work otherwise.  But does it always work that way?  We think so. And we work really hard at trying to make sure the scripture, or the copy, works well with the design.  Take a look at our poster http://www.inspirationart.com/shop/powerful-images-of-creation-niagara-falls/ here is a good example of how the copy (the word POWERFUL) fits perfectly with the photograph of Niagara Falls and the scripture, Psalm 147:5 “Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite.”  Water has enormous power and so does God and using the word POWERFUL really helps tie the three elements together. In this case the words, scripture and photograph are not subtle at all, but very direct and to the point. So is God’s power, direct and to the point.

Our Christian poster LIFE PRESERVER , is another creative example of creativity in a very subtle way. The life jacket has been recreated in the shape of a cross, showing us that Christ’ s death on the cross is the only thing that can really save us.  And the scripture again reminds us of who can only save us. Psalm 119:94  “Save me, for I am yours”.

FOLLOW ME, is another Christian poster of ours that makes the statement that we all, regardless of race, color, creed, age or sex, must follow the cross and Jesus Christ.

BORN AGAIN, is another great example of scripture and art, or image in this case, of how well and necessary the art and scripture must tie together. If you covered up the scripture and just looked at the statue one might wonder what in the world is this all about. It’s a perfect match of art and scripture. Dean Kermit Allison, the sculptor, who created the statue, has made an excellent interpretation of the scripture passage.

I’ve been asked many times which comes first, in the designers mind, the art or the scripture passage? Great question but I’ll save that for another day.