Twenty five years ago the movie “Field of Dreams” made the line “Build it and they will come” famous.  It’s funny but the the actual line is “Build it and He will come.”  You can read all about it here

It’s a great line but does it really work? Well the field of dreams has had tens of thousands of visitors in the last 25 years but it was the movie that made the whole idea of a field of dreams work.

Lately I’ve read about building websites and they will come, or build a church and they will come. Hummm  I don’t buy it! It takes a lot more work than just building it, whatever it is.

In the case of building a church and they will come, often times what is said is “Where’s your faith, trust God and it will happen.” Sorry but maybe I am short on faith today. If the Word isn’t being preached, and the Bible being taught, and the faith being witnessed, and the worship glorify God, and the love of God being felt, then just building the church and praying that God will fill the pews it’s nothing but a fantasy. Just like the movie, “Field of Dreams” a fantasy.