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Ten Commandments For Kids - Narrow Poster (Order Page)


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"God's Rules to Live By…
There's only one God. God can do anything and everything. You can trust Him. You can spend time with Him. So get to know Him.

God needs to be first in your life. God is more important than your home, toys, computer, friends, school, money, or anything else you can think of.

Don't mess with God's name. The only time you should use God's name is when you're talking to Him or telling someone else about Him. Don't swear. And don't listen to other kids who swear either. Just saying God's name is powerful.

Sunday is a really cool day. You get to go to church and mostly chill out the rest of the day. God made Sundays special for you to spend with your family and with Him.

Honor your dad and mom. God made parents for a reason. When your mom and dad love you, feed you, tickle you, teach you, protect you, and even punish you, it's all part of God's plan.

Do not murder. God gives life and has a plan for every person in the world. Life is such a great gift. Don't waste it.

Husbands and wives are made for each other. When grownups get married, they make a promise to give their heart only to each other. That kind of love is almost as strong as God's love for us.

Do not steal. Don't take anything that isn't yours. Not a penny, a pencil or a piece of candy. Don't sneak into a movie. Don't ask for your allowance if you didn't do your chores.

Do not lie about other people. Always tell the truth even when it's hard. Don't make stuff up unless people know it's pretend. (Gossiping, tricking other kids, and teasing aren't cool either.)

Be happy with your own stuff. Millions of kids don't even have a house or food or a bed. So be thankful for what you do have. Even if some kids have more than you, don't ever let that bug you.
For the original version of the Ten Commandments read Exodus 20!

Original Test by Jay K. Payleitner © 2003 InspirationArt & Scripture, 12 in. x 36 in. (W x H)

029706 $12.50
Temporarily out of stock. Please check back later.

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